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Unique and Free Comments Builder Application.

This powerful tool is made to help "English as a Second Language" teachers.

You can easily:
1.create and save comments and report-cards after classes
2.make notes and keep records of every student's grade level skill.

This is a really great resource for teachers who have adults and kids as students.

Make comment example:

The generated comment is made from random students grade skills and can be used only as an example of what is this powerful app capable of

Helping teachers around the world!

This tool is for teachers working in online learning English environments, with high and low-grade levels of students learning English as a second language. Furthermore, for personalized and tutoring services to help in writing comments to meet your or your student's (or parent's) needs.


Join now and begin using high-quality ESL comments immediately.


For teachers made by a teacher.


ESL Lesson comments Plans For Better Teaching.

Parents like positive

As a parent of 3 children myself, I like to read positive things about my children. When I write comments on report cards, I try to think of at least one positive comment. Critical comments are more acceptable by parents if you can also tell them something upbeat about their child. It may be a general comment such as, “Tommy always gets along with the other classmates.” If you try hard, you can always think of something special about a child.

What are the benefits of the ESLingua tools?

Building comments is easy as 1, 2, 3, 4 - Cut Your Comments writing time to zero!
It's a FREE tool dedicated to saving time and money for English teachers.
For adults or young students, an unlimited number of students saved in a database.
A flexible digital notebook, personal notes, and a diary about every student.
Students grade in general and skills in details saved and easily edited.
Saving a used comment for every student daily.
Comments For All Levels & Language Skills.
Powerful ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE (AI) algorithm guarantees unique content.


Mothers and Fathers all over the world tend to expect their children to learn English quickly and with ease, moreover, they expect them to have lots of fun at the same time.

We all know how hard that is, so the emphasis is on having fun with the children.
After all, if the children are enjoying their classes, they will keep coming back incessantly and their ability to comprehend and increase knowledge of the English language will slowly improve.