Helping teachers around the world!

The story about the ESLingua site has begun when my husband (then fiancé) with a paddle in his hand and a smile on his face invited me to go canoeing. Late afternoon, after a working day spent between the classroom and the student kitchen, the very thought of cold clear water and beautiful shores already clears my mind and takes away the fatigue. The answer, however, had to be, "I'm sorry darling but I have to write comments about the students for today."

Only a small trace of disappointment was seen on his face as he knew well that my obligations always come first. After some thinking, he just said: "We have to do something about it."

And that is how ESLingua was born! The next day he asked me for some details on what those comments look like, I showed him an example and the best way to divide the classes into the levels of knowledge. There are so many children with different abilities and the progress is different with every child. It can be difficult sometimes to find the right way to define each child's ability and to personalize teaching for every child. I am so happy now when I don't have to worry anymore about finding the right words to describe a pupil's behaving and progress. I want to give the maximum in teaching those children to be fluent speakers of a foreign language one day, and I want to say the right words to them or their parents so they can know how to help with learning. The process is now more enjoyable and interesting. It is like a small diary that is ready to receive my thoughts, memories, and stories every night before I go to bed, this site is exactly that, a diary that is always there to help you with organizing, defining the level of a student, writing notes, documenting, observing and checking the progress or quality of the student over a period of time, keep under systematic review.

Since my husband has worked as a developer in one of the major Asian cities. In the project of solving the problem of crowded roads, he was deciding upon a traffic relief plan and was addressed in the work of the special team which was the task of implementation AI (artificial intelligence) in city traffic (you know that feeling when the traffic light is red, you need to stop, but you are on the main road looking at the empty crossroad :)